Kate McCullough, MVB


Dr. McCullough was born and raised in South Carolina.  Before she moved to Oregon she spent some time in North Carolina, France, Ireland and New York.  She moved to Oregon for her husband’s job.

Dr. McCullough went to veterinary school at University College Dublin in Ireland.  Before that, she obtained her degree in biochemistry at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC.  She became a veterinarian because she wanted to help people improve the health and quality of their pet’s lives.  She enjoys teaching people about science and the health and diseases of animals.

Dr. McCullough and her husband have a 6 year old pony named Epona, a crazy Jack Russell Terrier named Bitsy, and a cuddly 2 year old Green Cheeked Conure named Captain.  In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors hiking and riding horses.  She loves all types of museums, especially those dedicated to visual arts; specifically painting.

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