Lewis Fowler, DVM


Dr. Fowler grew up in a farming community and has always had a love for animals. He has known his entire life that he wanted to practice veterinary medicine. In his early thirties, he had an opportunity to go to veterinary school. He lived in Hawaii for 18 years, where he raised his three children. In 1992, he moved to Oregon and attended The College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University.

He then attended Washington State University’s program for large animals. In 1998, he began to practice veterinary medicine at Midway Veterinary Hospital. Two years later, he became sole owner of the hospital.

For several years, he held a position as a board member at the Columbia Humane Society. Although he no longer holds that position, he continues to support them in many other ways, including volunteering at the rabies clinics.

Dr. Fowler’s work keeps him very busy, but in his spare time, he enjoys working outside in his yard and at the hospital. He loves to be outside with his dog Missy. Missy spends a lot of time at our hospital. Our staff loves her and so do our clients.

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